CCTV Threat Assessments and Access Control in Ashford | Common Security Risks in the Workplace

Companies in the Ashford area need robust security measures to give employees the safety they deserve, keep expensive machinery in place and prevent both physical and intellectual theft. Unfortunately, these threats can take many forms and strike at the least opportune moments – leaving your company worse for wear and out of pocket. By calling Kronos Threat Management Ltd for access control, intercoms and business CCTV installation, you receive a free site survey along with CCTV Threat Assessments to reveal weaknesses before they compromise your Ashford workplace.

Please get in touch to discuss commercial CCTV maintenance, intercoms and more with the security experts. Specialising in business CCTV installation work, we perform CCTV Threat Assessments to design bespoke security measures that protect businesses in Ashford and Kent.

Below, we look at the most common causes for concern.

Access Control | Safety Concerns That May Impact Your Company

Intrusion – Unwanted intruders pose a clear threat to businesses. This is because they could act out and cause harm to your employees. Access control systems keep them locked out of your premises in the Ashford area, allowing only authorised staff members to enter. When undertaking commercial CCTV Threat Assessments, we look at key places that an intruder might wish to target.

Theft – Thievery can occur at any time and from inside the premises. Business CCTV installation discourages this behaviour, stopping potential thieves by removing their anonymity. In turn, you protect your specialist equipment, files and data from those who may wish to turn a profit or leak sensitive information.

Unwanted Behaviour – Commercial CCTV and access control systems only make the environment a safer place to be. That said, simply owning these systems is often enough to make visitors to your Ashford company act in the proper manner. Business CCTV installations ensure everyone remains professional while on the premises, removing potential blind spots that encourage poor behaviour.

Vandalism – No company is safe from vandalism. CCTV Threat Assessments will look at ways to discourage members of the public from misbehaving either on or around your premises. Likewise, access control makes sure only those with the proper authorisation can reach important parts of the building. While it doesn’t remove the risk of vandalism entirely, commercial CCTV does give you a better chance to find the culprit if damage occurs to your Ashford property.

Escape – Serving Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, we at Kronos Threat Management Ltd know there are situations when you need to keep inmates indoors. Fully bespoke business CCTV installations help security guards to do their jobs properly. These surveillance systems also minimise questionable behaviour while protecting the public from potential threats.

Terrorism – A real danger to the modern world, terrorism can occur in large cities and on a more local business. We believe that the risk to companies in the Ashford area is very low, but by specialising in CCTV Threat Assessments, our engineers can assist the police and border force further afield as needed.

Have you taken steps to protect your business with CCTV installations? Perhaps your existing commercial CCTV system is out of date. In either case, Kronos Threat Management Ltd will be delighted to assist.

For CCTV Threat Assessments, access control systems and commercial CCTV installation in the Ashford area, contact us today on 01622 840075.